Friday, August 24, 2012

Time Passes Too Quickly

Everyday seems to be crammed with something. 
The last two weeks have been full and fun.
I had a b-day.  I had lots of well wishes and fun goodies.  Some of which are still to come.

Gary and Marlene sent me this...  I have worn this every chance I get. 

  Gary's b-day is just a few days after mine.   Here is the card that was mailed to him.  I have been waiting to post this until he got it.  I don't know what is up with the P.O. but it took 5 days what normally takes 3.   Layout is from Judy Designs
This week I actually attended a RS evening meeting.  It was titled cards and cupcakes.  I was asked to bring a dozen cupcakes (I don't usually make these).  I think it was to just get me to come.  We made invites to give to the inactive women for the RS Potluck dinner called Pantry to Platter.    Not too many came, but we had a good time.  One of the ladies brought these great banana coconut cupcakes with 7 minute frosting.  Totally satisfied the sweet tooth.   They are on the list to make. 
I actually got my visiting teaching done this month...all four of them, but it took all evening.  We visit two older ladies and they love to have a visitor and love to chat. 
Work has been crazy, but I have yet made it through another week.  Only 6 more days to the first Utah football game.  Can't wait!  Go Utes!
Ta Ta for now.


Wendybell said...

I {{{heart}}} that necklace!! What a treasure!

And the card is awesome, too ... :)

marlene said...

I loved Garys card and so happy you love the necklace!