Saturday, August 4, 2012

Happy Birthday

I have had several family and friends  B-days pass by that I have not shared my creations with you.  Just in case you were interested here a couple that I actually got pictures of before getting them in the mail.

My older brother got this little number for his July birthday.  I also used this design as a swap card  during convention. It is hard to come up with a masculine card with only Stampin Up product. Flowers, glitter, ribbons and bows have been ruled not acceptable by the male gender.

Tomorrow is my cousin Andrea's birthday.  As long as I can remember, whenever our families got together, we always were hanging out.  We spent many a summer together as well.  Joking, eating, working, exercising, singing at the piano, shopping, teasing our younger brothers, even making each other jealous etc. 

She was my very first BFF and will always hold a special place in my heart.  Love you Annie!

Here is the little number I created for her. More on the CAS side, but cute.  All current Stampin UP product. 

So today has been quiet.  I spent part of the morning delaying the inevitable of chores and responsibilities with playing with paper, walking Riley and surfing pinterest.  Ralph saved the day by coming home from the garden and a haircut with some brain fodder.   I know you are thinking fresh tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers, and he did come home with that.  I am talking about the Banbury cross donuts, which we didn't need, but it sure helped me to get to the "have to do today" items :)

I did get to some of the responsible things, but not all of them.  Someday I will find a balance...LOL ok probably not, but all work and no play makes Cheryl go Nutso!

Hope your Saturday was productive!  


Wendybell said...

Such a cute pic of you and your cousin!! I have similar memories with one of my cousins ... :)

And you have reminded me that I NEED that Sassy Salutations set!!! One of the few things I DIDN'T order!!

Annie said...

I LOVE YOU! A special place in my heart for my dear best friend and all those cherished childhood memories! Do you still have that doll? You know I loved her! Yes, I'm still jealous that you had her! I'm mostly grateful that you are still my friend.