Friday, August 3, 2012


For Friday night out Ralph and I went to Shivers for a milkshake.  The goto place has always been Iceburg, but the line is always so long.  Shivers moves you through quickly and I think the milkshakes are better than at Iceburg.  We didn't need it, but it tasted good.

I ordered my standard favorite which is
An almond joy shake with fresh raspberries.  You get toasted almonds, coconut, flecks of chocolate and raspberries.  You can see Ralph's in the background, He chose a grasshopper shake.  Ice cream  with creme de mint and chunks of oreo in it.  It is rather tasty. 

We stopped at the park and let Riley run around until he did his business and our shakes were eaten.  We then headed home to watch what was left of the olympics for the day and headed to bed.

Not fancy, but fun to hang out and chat.

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Wendybell said...

Sounds like a perfect date to me!! :)