Saturday, August 11, 2012

Summation of the week

The week went by fast, didn't.  Time at work totally dragged.
  • Riley hurt his right leg again.  He seriously damaged the soft tissue earlier this year and I guess it wasn't quite all better.  Fortunately this time hasn't been as bad as the first time  Unfortunately, he has been much more vocal about his discomfort.  I didn't get any sleep Sunday night.  He isn't supposed to do stairs, but now he runs and hides until we are upstairs and then he follows us.  He is not too keen on being carried.
  • Stayed home from work on Monday - didn't feel so great without any sleep and "other" issues
  • We booked a week of vacation for the Oregon Coast.  Didn't get any sleep because I was so excited.  Kind of like that Disney commercial - "we're too excited to sleep"  Ralph has been loading music onto his MP3 player all week for the long road trip.
  • Got football tickets in the mail.  Again... "We're too excited to sleep"  Go Utes!

  • Found someone to Sub again for primary pianist.  Not an easy task.
  • Made a b-day card for monkey #1 - unfortunately I forgot to snap a photo of it before it got delivered.  It was super cute!
  • Picked cucumbers for pickles - okay, picked them up from Ralph's brother who had extras. 
  • Went to the store to find Dill - the produce guy said they only bring it in for special times of the year like Christmas.  Really???? Went to another store, found the dill, they didn't know the cost.  Charged us for 2 packages of fresh corn.  $4 isn't bad for two bags of dillweed.
  • Went to lunch with Wendy and totally stuck to my diet.  Asian lettuce wraps, and beet, goat cheese and arugula salad.
  • Came home from work on Friday to Pizza and a Salad  - totally didn't stick to my diet
  • Completed all required "tasks" for the week
  • Today we tried out 5 guys burgers.  YUMMO!  Note to self - 1 order of fries between the two of us and only order the "little" burger.  We have 1 1/2 orders of fries in our fridge for a Sunday evening snack.  The potatoes were from American Falls, ID.  I love it when the potatoes come from Idaho.  Is there really any other kind?

  • Made Zucchini cake today - it is totally diet food - lots of zucchini in it.
  • Working on sharing time for tomorrow.  "I should read, listen to, and look at things that are pleasing to Heavenly Father."   We are going to play a catgory game.  Should be fun.
  • Watched the Olympics when I could.  The US womens soccer game was amazing.  The athletes this year have been so impressive.  Watched part of the speed walking this morning.  I think the speed walkers bodies are going to have some serious issues when these people get older.  It doesn't look natural.  And they all look like that.
I am looking forward to the closing ceremonies.  Well, after a week of sleep deprivation and rolling around in food coma today I am looking forward to a good nights rest and a great week ahead.

Ta Ta for now,


marlene said...

Wow! that was some week. glad you got some fun things to look forward to i would agree on the fries from 5 guys hers hoping there is more sleep this week

Charlie said...

Woah that is a very sleepless week. I hope your trip goes well and that Riley's leg gets better quickly.

Wendybell said...

What a week!! And I didn't even SEE that race walking was an Olympic event ... bizarre ... (I wanna burger and fries now!)!