Thursday, August 2, 2012

Generosity of neighbors

Look what landed on our doorstep
A box full of red current branches loaded with berries.  A family in our ward has an over abundance of bushes, so to cut down on production they cut the branches and dropped them off to a willing recipient.
I sat there and watched several Olympic swimming competitions and picked currents.  Right in the comfort of my livingrooom.  Ralph came in about half way and helped me finish.

These are the results of our labors.  It ended up being a good 4 Cups of berries.  We put them in our freezer until we have time to deal with them.  All I could think about was a jellyroll with whipped cream and red current jelly.

We have been trying to keep cool during this incredibly warm summer.  The tomatoes in the garden love it!  Ralph, Riley, and I...not so much.  Our swamp cooler and window air conditioning unit have been working overtime.

Here is a pic of Riley sharing a creamy with me.  Don't you fret now...I ate my share first.Smiley from

Ta Ta for now

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Wendybell said...

What nice neighbors!! We picked ours a few weeks back ... YUMMY!! (and that pic of Riley is the BEST!!)