Monday, February 7, 2011

Weekend Report

Those weekends sure fly by.  I got home from work on Friday and Ralph went to the basement - not sure why, but realized we had a large lake that had formed.  One of the water pipes had broken.  Fortunately the land lord is really good about getting things fixed.  He showed up right away and got to work.  The pipe actually belonged to one of the smaller units in the back, but still flooded our basement.   Thanks to a shop vac and quick skills all was fixed before the evening was over.  We now have an industrial fan blowing to dry everything out.  We didn't have anything on the basement  floor that would have been ruined by the water except for a couple of cardboard boxes.  Whew.

We had a chance to hang out with our monkeys on Saturday evening as their parents attended a dinner for stake leaders and the evening session of stake conference.  After pizza we had the chance to watch Toy Story 3.   The boys said it was their least favorite of the three and they didn't want to watch it.  They watched some Lego flick, the oldest monkey played on her DS and the littlest monkey enjoyed the movie with us.  The movie was not as good as I had anticipated, but entertaining none the less.  We got home around 10:00 pm and made bread for Superbowl Sunday sandwiches.  Bedtime came around 1:30 am

We headed up to the family compound for the game and a feast.  Menu for the day:
Cream cheese with raspberry chipotle sauce and crackers
Shrimp and cocktail sauce
Little Smokies in barbecue sauce
Chicken fingers
Veggies & Dip
Oriental Pork sandwiches with slaw on baguettes
Crepes with cherry filling, hot fudge sauce and whipped cream
Jelly Roll

The game didn't end as I had hoped, but I still had fun watching a good game of football and all the entertaining commercials. This is one of my favorites  

Picture stolen from Just me you and dogs :)
We had brought Riley with us and he had a grand time running around the back yard and playing with the other dogs.  He was a tease to the other dogs and a bit antagonizing as the other dogs tried to rest.  He teased them incessantly.  Kind of funny.  Willy the brittany spaniel just takes his toys and hides them so no one else can play with them.  Gus Gus likes to play, but mostly barks.  He has a high pitch bark that really starts to hurt the ears, so once again the toys get put away.  I didn't mind it too much but Uncle David didn't like it at all.  Riley really misses Sam Sam.


Wendybell said...

Wow ... what a crazy-busy weekend!! That Darth Vadar commercial was my absolute FAVE of all of 'em!! Sooo cute!! Glad Riley had a good time, too .... :)

marlene said...

Soends like you had a good time I loved the out come. I watch most of the game by my self I wish I had a compound to go to! Sam miss Riley to