Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Question …am I just neglecting the blog or am I busy enough with other things that I haven’t had a chance to get to it.   Probably a little of both, but leaning on the side of AWOL.   
I finished two birthday cards and 12 swap cards and neglected to get pictures of them before they got delivered to the intended recipient.  I have also been trying to finish some of my Valentine cards and decorations.  I should get the swap cards back and I will attempt to make another birthday card to post because it was so dang cute.
 Smiley from   Pictures to come…
Stake Conference was last week and I ended up participating in both sessions helping out a couple of groups that were singing that had a member of the group cancel out.  I really enjoyed singing one of the pieces. – Lift Thine Eyes – we sang it a cappella and we actually sounded really good.  Thanks to Ralph for helping me work on it.
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Our heater is having issues.Smiley from  Of course it would happen when it is the coldest.  The furnace ignites, but the blower and thermostat are not talking to each other.  Fortunately it is just inconsistent and not completely out.  The furnace guy is coming today to take a look at it and hopefully fix it.  One of Riley’s favorite places to hang out is next to the heater vent to keep warm so hopefully for his sake it will be a quick fix.
Washing machine problems…between flooded floors and switching an old machine for an newer old machine it is still not working.   Maybe the Landlord will get a nice refurbished one for us.  In the meantime I guess that means shoving quarters into a laundry mat machine or taking the laundry to an inlaws.
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Jack Frost is having a hay day in our neck of the woods.  I haven’t been able to get out during my lunch hour to walk because it is so cold.   I did hear that if we have a couple more days of really cold weather the grasshopper population will be greatly diminished. ???  Convincing Riley that he needs to spend some time walking to get all his gas out is entirely another story.  He doesn’t like the cold, but we don’t like his gas, so we all end up spending time outside.  All I have to say is BRRRR!  On the up side, the cold east wind has cleared out the icky air so at least you can breath - you just freeze your toncils or nose hairs in the process.
Work…let’s just say it is killing me softly.Smiley from
As you can see life at our household never ceases to be dull as I am sure it is the same way at your home.
Have a stupendous day!
Ta Ta for now

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thanks for the up date you are amazing GIRL