Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Daughtry Day and a New Perspective

It is one of those days - feel like listening to Daughtry.  Actually I am feeling kind of pensive today.  It is a good thing, because that is when I usually choose to make good changes in my life.

I went to get my hair cut yesterday and when I saw my hairdresser I was shocked.  First of all let me say - I Love my hairdressr - had the same one for a very long time - tried switching  - nobody does it as good as she does.  So back to the story - She normally has this cute little bob style hair cut.  When I saw her, she was sporting a different hair style.  Short and kind of spikey and she looked about 15 years older than normal.  I am thinking what have you done with yourself?  Holy Cow what do I say to her???  So I said something about a new hairdo and how fun it was to have a new style.  She told me it was a wig.  Ok - that is an easy way to change your hairstyle without it being permanent.  She then told me that she had breast cancer.  Wow!  That wasn't very nice of me, sitting there thinking how horrible she looked and passing judgement without knowing the truth.  Then I felt even sillier as I sat there complaining about my gray hair when here she is having to wear a wig because she is losing hers.  She has a great attitude and chooses not to dwell on the negative.  Talk about a new perspective.

My cousins oldest daughter - had a stroke about 2 weeks ago.  She is only in her early 20's.  This girl is just an angel.  Sweet, thoughtful and full of pizzazz for life.  She will undergo physical therapy as well as surgery to fix a hole in her heart.  What a shock.  You really begin to realize how fragile life is and how precious our loved ones are to us. 

You know...we all have problems and issues that seem ginormous, but thank you very much, I will keep the problems and worries I have.

I am anxious for the work day to be over.  I am not really in the mood to work and when I am home I get to hang with my guys.  I also get to work on valentine stuff as well as clean house for a house guest and her little dog too.  Riley can hardly wait.

Ta Ta for now

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