Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Am I really moving again???

To answer that question....Yes.  I moved from the COB (church office building) to the NOB (north office building) today.  To be honest I am not overly excited about it.  There are a great many things I will miss about working in the COB. In no particular order...
  • The "Elevate Your Thoughts" messages in the elevators
  • The windows
  • Looking out the south windows to the plaza gardens - breathtaking
  • Riding in the elevators with general authority's
  • Seeing my friends and acquaintances that I have worked with for years that don't necessarily work in my department.
  • A quick trip to the cafeteria
  • The fast elevators
I know that we are trying to put into action a plan the Bishopric has put together.  They want to centralize a lot of the processes that have, at one time, been farmed out to the area offices or various managers.  There will be a lot of new rules and quotas to meet.  Most of the managers/directors are really bucking.  They don't want to be "assimilated"  I can understand completely.  New things are scary.  I am trying to stay on the positive side, so here are good things about all this "stuff"
  • If I get to work early enough I can park within, anywhere from ,10 to 50 yards of the building entrance
  • I still have access to the underground parking at the COB
  • I still have access to the cafeteria
  • I really like my current boss
  • I get to work with people I like
  • There will be (at least I have been told) opportunities to "move up"
  • Change is good?
  • I still have a job!
Well... I will leave you with a teaser for upcoming posts - dinner party at our house on Friday, Easter decorations, Chuch spring gardens, general conference and a book group over nighter.

Ta Ta for now
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marlene said...

you scared me when you said that you were moving I thought you meant your house! i hope it goes well in the new building!