Tuesday, June 24, 2014

My house smells

.....like bacon....still.  I know, you are saying "And that is bad?"  I love bacon too, but I am ok with not seeing, smelling or eating bacon for a while. I have tried candles, febreeze, baking bread and other goodies, etc.  Guess we will just have to let the fresh air from outside continue to circulate.  You know...they sell candles that smell like bacon....for reals.  They call them "man candles"  I think I will stick with ocean breezes or mountain meadows.

 I somehow ended up on the committee for my employee association.  We had our summer party this last week.  Through all the changes that took place with employee turn over I ended up as the vice chair and in charge of the food for over 300 people that picked up tickets.

We decided to rent a couple of charcoal grills from diamond rental.  Awesome grills by the way and totally affordable.  We grilled chicken, hamburgers, and hotdogs.  We served all the fixins - onions, cheese, bacon, tomato, pickles, bbq sauce and condiments.   We also had fresh veggie trays, potato salad, and chips. For dessert we had floats.  We filled the cups with ice cream and offered a can of soda for them to pour over the top.  That way I didn't have to deal with the foam and mess of pouring them.  Easy but a ton of work and a complete lack of support from our committee.   Whats with people these days and being responsible????

I cooked 16 pounds of bacon the night before.  I baked it which seemed to go faster then trying to do it on the stove top. Less mess and they don't wrinkle up. We sliced lots of tomatoes and onions.  I want to give a SHOUT OUT to my sweetheart RALPH.  He is so awesome with supporting me and the crazy things I get myself into.  Without his help it would have been a nightmare x 2.

Let me just say, I was flabbergasted at the lack of social eating skills these people have.  After I had seen the 3rd or 4th person take 10+ pieces of bacon, I decided to serve it myself.  This gentlemen walked up with an empty plate and asked for bacon.  I put 3 half pieces on his plate and he looked at me like

I told him the bacon was a garnishment to the burgers and sandwiches, he exclaimed  "but I love bacon".  I responded that we didn't have enough bacon to serve it as a main dish. This scene did cross my mind, fortunately...I had the serving utensil.

We did have salad and veggies left over, and some of the condiments.  The meat of course all disappeared.

The weekend was an attempt to recoup and catch my breath.  I did make homemade wheat bread on Saturday, Ralph weeded the tomatoes in the family garden and the little furry dudes played to their hearts content.

Sunday dinner was courtesy of left overs and my super chef husband.  Caramelized onion dip, tomato soup, toasted cheese sandwiches homemade dill pickles and a blueberry cobbler with vanilla ice cream.

Let the craziness continue as Summer is upon us.  My goals for summer are to Play Hard, Work Hard and Eat as much garden produce as my tummy can hold.  What are your goals for the summer?

Ta Ta for now

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