Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Imported Goods

Lucky for me...Ralph ran most of the grocery errands on Saturday.  I usually come away tired of people and grumpy at the exorbitant prices.  He found a sale on rump roasts and suggested we have a Sunday roast beef dinner.  Now anyone that knows my family understands that yorkshire pudding and to die for gravy accompanies the roast beef.  We didn't have any of the secret ingredient on hand, so a trip to the London Market was necessary.

I can't seem to ever come away from there with just one thing
The allsorts, garibaldi's and jaffa cakes were gone by this evening.  Pretty sad when all the treats get devoured in 3 1/2 days.  I tried to make them last, especially as they cost a small fortune.  Alas my will power was weak.  Ralph hates the licorice and could pass on the garibaldi's.  I did share one box of the jaffa cakes with him and offered part of the second, but he left them to me.

The dinner turned out spectacular and we spent Sunday evening in food coma.
I love my British Heritage!

Ta Ta for Now

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