Friday, April 20, 2012

Let's make a deal

Do you ever do that with yourself?  If I do this...then I get this.  If you do...are you disciplined enough to keep it?  Do you promise yourself rewards if you keep up with your exercise schedule or scripture reading?

So... I saw these shoes down at the City Creek Shopping Center.  I was just wandering around during my lunch hour and I saw these little beauties.
Not only are they wedges, but they were canvas with red cherries.  How could I pass them up?  Well, I did.  The next day I couldn't get these way cute shoes out of my mind, they were affordable and I really wanted them.   So I told myself that if I ate healthy lunches brought from home for the rest of the week, I could have them.  Let me tell you that I love french fries.  I was having a serious craving for chicken strips and fries. (This is the part where Ralph laughs)  I bought the shoes - so now I had the reward before the commitment from me was even finished.  I have to say, I have stuck with it and honestly earned my shoes and I love them!   I guess the real funny part is - would I have eaten healthy lunches all week without the shoes?  Probably.  Just an excuse to justifying buying cute shoes.

Hmmm - what could I find as a reward for next week?  LOL 

Here's to veggies, fruit, lean meat and high fiber grains!!!!



Wendybell said...

Those are pretty dang cute ... and my feet just hurt lookin' at the picture!! :)

marlene said...

i must say if you are going to set a goal it might as well be one you can reach:)they are way cute and i bet your calfs look hot in them