Friday, March 30, 2012

March Madness, General Conference, and some good food.

It always includes food...right?
This weekend is one of my favorite times of year...why you ask?

It is the LDS general conference, which means, comfy clothes, lots of lounging, being spiritually uplifted, and a little bit of rest.  I really look forward to the messages and the excuse to sit and work on projects quietly.  Riley is also much happier when he can sit and snuggle his bum up against a warm body and take a nap.  We should also be getting a rain storm this weekend which is the norm.  Conference and rain.

It is also down to the final 4 in the NCAA tournement.  At best, I can place 3rd  - which isn't bad out of 20 brackets, but I still want it to be #1.  (stupid Missouri, stupid Duke)  Go Kentucy Wildcats!

With it being Friday and things are a little slow around the office, my friend Allison and I decided to try a different place for lunch.  We have heard good things about the Garage on Beck.  Let me just say it is a bar, but as you head north it is before all the nudie places.  It has received high recommendations from the SLC magazine as well as other news articles from the area.  They weren't wrong.  Allison got a mushroom swiss burger which looked to die for, I got their fried chicken - so very tasty!  No thick batter, nice crispy skin and juciy meat.  Their fries are fresh cut and crispy fried and their side salads, acutally have decent fresh greens.  Definitely planning a trip back.  The owner of the Garage also owns Stoneground which is super yummy Italian food.

With half the office gone this afternoon, it is mighty quiet.  Here is to a relaxing weekend!



Karina said...

Sounds like the best weekend ever. I want to try that place on beck-but what a terrible location!!

Ioana-Carmen said...

love it! Check my blog darling and maybe you wanna follow each other! XoXo