Saturday, April 28, 2012

A Visitor From Across the Sea

We got a message about a week ago from one of my cousins over in the UK.  There was a neice coming over to the US for a visit and could we please "house" her for a couple of days.  No problem.  We get treated so well when our family travels to the UK, I had to return the favor.

I have taken a couple of afternoons off of work to spend time with her and take her around to see some of the sites in SLC as well as do a little bit of shopping.  With the exchange rate, it is definitely to her benefit to buy a few things over here. She spent two mornings around temple square, the church office building and campus, and city creek shopping center.  I think she even made it over to the conference center.  It has been fun for me to see these things that I see everday through a first timers eyes.

Yesterday we went to This is the Place Park.  They were having baby animal days at that time, so we got to see baby chicks, ducks, turkeys, pigs, goats, and rabbits.  We even got to hold one

They had a couple of Highland cows. Who knew you would have to travel across the ocean to catch a glimpse of this little lady named Penelope

We have introduced her to deep fried dill pickles which really weren't a hit for her. American sandwiches which seem to "house a hole meal in a bun".  She has also tried tacos, sausage gravy and biscuits, peanut butter cups, grape flavored crystal lite and cake bites.  All of which have been a hit.  We keep a supply of Lucky charms for breakfast which happens to be a favorite.  A friend is picking her up tomorrow evening and taking her to Gunnison.  Not much there to see, so I hope they have some fun activities for her.

We have thoroughly enjoyed having her with us.

On a side note...Riley got a new bed, which he loves.  He tried it out before we even got it up the stairs.

Ta Ta for now



marlene said...

glad it went well with the visitor sounds like you had fun if nothing else you ate well which makes for a good day:)

Wendybell said...

Good times!! I haven't been to This is the Place Park in ages! She is lucky she had such a fun hostess to take her shopping!! :)