Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Dementors have attacked

Isn't it funny how one little thing can go wrong and you feel like all the joy in life has been sucked out of you.

I have been following an item on ebay - watching for a super good price.  I bid and purchased the item for a decent price - at least cheaper than most people were purchasing it.  Supposedly delivered on Monday...I never got it. STINK!  USPS claims it was delivered and someone stole it from our porch.  (I don't believe it)  I have been really wanting this item and we live on a tight budget.  So it will be a while before a repurchase can be made.

I went to one of my favorite stores to purchase a couple of holiday decor items and DANG IT the store is closed for good.  They always had the cutest and nice quality items.  Hopefully the one in Holiday hasn't closed.  Now I just have farther to drive.

My favorite craft store has closed down for good and I am constantly reminded of how much I miss it when I go to the only local store around.  Can't ever find what I need and the selection of what they do have is awful.

So...I had my yearly review and a got a decent percent increase.  When all is said and done and the government takes what it thinks it is owed, money to retirement...guess equates to a $15.00 increase to my take home.  What gives?  That doesn't even cover the increase in gas and groceries. 

So...if I remember correctly the cure for a dementor attack...

The dark chocolate ones are especially good !
Now that I have had a few bites of chocolate....

Spring is here.  I love it and the warm weather.  Now I just need to get a little color on my legs so that I don't look so pasty white

Spring football camp has started

Look at those arm muscles
Wynn looks great.  Coach Whit says he now has guns for arms instead of a #2 pencils.  With all the coaching changes - I will be anxious to see how things shape up.  We got our season ticket renewals in the mail. (at least that wasn't stolen).  We plan on attending spring scrimmage.  I love good weather and football.

I get to Zumba tonight with the young women in our ward.  My niece Angela was generous enough to come and work with the girls and teach them a few tricks of the trade.  Should be fun. 

On that note - Have a great day!
Ta Ta for now

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Wendybell said...

Cadbury Mini Eggs can pretty much fix ANYthing!! Bug the PO to DEATH 'til you get them to help ya!! :)