Tuesday, December 6, 2011

What you wouldn't do for...

So a super good friend of mine introduced me to this great lip gloss, Buxom Lips, by Bare Minerals.  It has now been added to my list of favorite things.  It lasts and it makes my lips tingle, which I love.
This morning as I arrived at work finding one of the sweetest parking spots.  You know the ones, closest to the door and covered parking.  I climbed out of the exploder and I hear somthing clink against the floor boards and land on the ground.  I checked my purse and sure enough my favorite tube of lip gloss was missing. (teach me to keep it zipped up) I looked and looked around the best I could and couldn't find it.

What to do....I am in my favorite stockings, knee length skirt and high heels.  What would happen if I kneeled down on the concrete to find it?  The next thing you know I am on my knees, searching for the precius tube of lube.  I can't find it - shoot!  I gather my things and start walking towards the entrance to work, keeping my eyes peeled for it and sure enough...three cars down from mine - I see it just by the front tire on the inside.  So once again, I find myself on the ground almost flat on my belly reaching for my tube of lipgloss.

I found it!  Whew,  minor catastrophe has been averted.

Ta Ta for now.


Wendybell said...

Methinks I must needs to be trying some of this stuff ... (and I SOOOO woulda loved to be a fly on the wall of that garage this morning!!) :)

Charlie said...

Ha ha ha this story totally cracked me up. Must be pretty good lip gloss.

Carrie said...

A girl's got to do what a girl's got to do! I'd do almost anything for a good lipgloss! Where can I find some?