Friday, December 2, 2011

Season Of.....

So I had this whole post written about what this time of year really meant to me…it ended up being preachy and sounding quite sorry for myself.   Not quite the impression I was trying to give, so it was scratched.
My goal this year is to fill this month with activities and things that don’t require a lot of money and will end up creating memories and feelings that make this season meaningful to Ralph and me.  The other side of this is that I don’t want to be so busy doing that I don’t get a chance to stop and “feel”.  I think I am up for the challenge.
We have all the Christmas decorations up. Except for the tree, which we are purchasing this weekend, and a few finishing touches our home has been Decemberized.  Ralph has been fighting the onset of a cold and despite the way he felt he was very helpful in getting the final decorations up.  It may seem like work sometimes, but the decorations that are up really help set the tone for the holidays. 
The first of the activities just happened to fit into my goal. We had a reunion of sorts with some of the youth Ralph and I spent a lot of time with from the First Ward.  We love those kids!  We didn’t have them all, as some are still on missions and the others couldn’t make it.  One day, we will get them all back over at the same time.
We had homemade pizza, breadsticks, and root beer to start with.  Just a side note, my brother has taught me how to make the best pizza ever!!!  It was so tasty.  We made several different varieties.  Fortunately there was enough left over to have some for lunch today.  It won’t be nearly as good as when it came out of the oven...but still yummy.
We then played a game called Killer Bunnies – There were eight of us total playing the game.  There is a definite learning curve to the game.  It took us a while to get through it, but after all cards were played and the game finished, we decided it was really fun and would be worth learning the strategies behind it.  I borrowed the game from a co-worker and thankfully he was more than happy to be on-call for all of our questions.  We had so much fun with those boys.  They are an absolute riot and kept Ralph and I laughing most of the evening.    Hopefully, we can do it again real soon.  I only regret not getting any pictures.  (Where is Mar when I need her?)
We ended with a Fat Boy Nut Sundae ice cream bar and a big group hug.  
We took Riley out to do his before bedtime business and then went to bed with a smile on our face.
Ta Ta for now

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Wendybell said...

Killer Bunnies??? Hmmm..... I may hafta check that out!!