Saturday, December 3, 2011

Have some tail

Early on in our marriage Ralph and I started collecting Christmas Moose.  We watch every year and look for one worthy of our collection.  Sometimes we don't get one as they are not always available or they are just plain ugly.

Last year Ralph and I found the set of moose hugging each other as seen in the photo here.  They were so cute, soft and Christmasy - we had to add them to our collection.

We always used to set them by the fireplace, but anything on the floor, Riley thinks it is his.  We now put them on the back of the couch and he leaves them alone.   So we thought.

Ralph put the finishing decorations out and had his back turned but for a few seconds and Voila...
Both tails have now been ripped/torn from the bodies.   Thank goodness the antlers and ears and legs were still intact.  Those are usually the next to go. This behavior usually stems from the fact that he is not the center of attention.
Using some of my sewing skills that my Mother taught me...the tails will be added back to the moose by the end of the weekend. 

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Wendybell said...

What is it with real doggies eating stuffed doggies' tails???? Daisy ate the tail off of Amelia's Pluto!! Sheesh!! Naughty puppies!!