Friday, May 6, 2011

Time Relativity

The clock is telling me I have 2.5 more hours of work.  My brain tells me that it has put in 8+ hours already and that I need to go home.  It doesn't help matters that I have a date tonight with my sweetheart (yes, he actually made plans) and I get to be outside most of the day on Saturday.  It may be working in the garden, but I just tell myself it is the best way to start my summer tan. Ralph and I are hosting Mothers Day dinner for some of the family on Sunday.  Which by the way I love to really...I do.  I am looking forward to my time away from my desk and I have spring fevah!

So to all...have a good weekend and I will check back in with reports on how things went with a few pictures.

Ta Ta for now

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