Tuesday, May 3, 2011


I am sitting here feeling sorry for myself as I realized I...
  • Didn't save my list of files I needed fixed with all the details
  • Saved them but don't know where I saved them to
  • Realizing I have to start over.   Grrr FACE!
With that said...instead of starting over I thought I would spout off some sort of nonsense going on in my head.

Someone has popped a bag of popcorn here in the office and immediately I want to sit down with a bowl of butter smothered popcorn, my favorite drink and watch a movie.  Or popcorn not smothered in butter drinking a favorite drink and working on paper crafting hobbies (butter would ruin the projects)  What is it about the smell of popcorn or french fries that makes you want some? (unless of course someone has burned it)   Conditioning.

Kind of like Pavlov and his drooling dog, or Riley when he comes back in the house from doing his "business" he gets a treat. 

Are we just drones responding to things based on stimulus or are we in better control than that?  Don't know, but something to think about. 

Have a happy Tuesday evening

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Charlie said...

Popcorn really is so hard to resist. We tried to Classically condition Brittney by saying "ding" and then slugging her. Eventually we could say ding and she would flinch. We thought it was pretty funny.