Thursday, May 19, 2011


Puppy licks, puppy poops, puppy sighs, puppy loves, puppy tinkles, potty pads, puppy cries...
We have a little puppy at our house named Sadie.  Ralph calls her Nakich, I call her Sadie Belle.   No, we did not add another dog to our collection, we are just puppy sitting until she gets delivered to her new mommy.  Which happens to be my Mom.
This little girl is full of personality. She is constantly on the go, or curled up next to a warm body for her naps.

 Here are a few shots.

She is hard to get a picture of, but I was visiting a friend last night, and her daughter got Sadie to sit still for a picture.

 Here is her cute pink puppy belly.  She is even smiling for this shot.
 Here she is tugging on Riley's leash.  She did this both with Sam Sam and Riley.
Resting time.  She loves to snuggle against someone warm.  Riley seemed to be the perfect option.Photobucket


Charlie said...

She is adorable

Wendybell said...

TOOOOOOO-tooooo ca-YOOT!! It was fun to have her come over and play!! :)

Carrie said...

Maybe Riley needs a little brother or sister :-)

marlene said...

good pictures love the one Sadier sleeping with Riley