Friday, April 8, 2011

Where are you Spring

The calendar tells me that spring is here...This picture was taken a few days ago.  Now it is snowing...again.  Those poor little blossoms, how will they ever survive.

Life update...
1.  Book group last night.  To say nothing of the Dog - a review coming.  We were served, cucumber sandwiches, turtle scones, artisan bread, strawberries w/creme englaise and herbal tea.  Completely spoiled rotton.
2.  Training a new employee at work.  I haven't been at my desk to get anything done or return calls.  Sorry
3.  Primary auxilliary training - and empty positions to fill.  I guess I just scare everyone away and/or I have a bishopric that stew's too much over every issue.
4.  Paper crafting frenzy - teaching as class tomorrow - will post pictures of all the projects.  Plus a B-day card to get in the mail a day late and a sympathy card.
5.  General Conference - what a great way to recharge your soul.
6.  The garden has been mapped - need to get the seeds and the earth tilled.
7,  Had our dinner group this month with Judith.  Salad, salmon, risotto, fruit salsa, grape focaccia, asparagus, Nielsens frozen custard and cookies.
8.  Too much good food - gotta cut back
9.  March Madness over.  The gal in our office that won picked her teams by which city she likes.  Chafe my hide!
10.  Please send some sunshine my way. 
Ta Ta for now


Charlie said...

Those poor blossoms :( Sounds like you are really busy. Hope everything you are working one turns out the way you want it to.

Wendybell said...

I've been wondering about spring, too! Soooo need it to come!! Hope this week is better for ya on the busy-ness scale ... great pic of the temple, btw ... :)