Tuesday, April 19, 2011

House, Car and lunch all at the same time

Had to post this video and article from KSL.  Kind of funny, but not to make light of what happened, but to remind us of how grateful we should be for the simple things

Have You Seen This? Tornado takes man's home and his lunch
April 19th, 2011 @ 2:35pm
By John Clyde
SALT LAKE CITY -- We all have bad days. You know… the ones that just won't end. You lost your job, your girlfriend/boyfriend left you for a doctor. Your dog ran away and you just realized you forgot to close your bedroom window as a massive rainstorm rolls into the valley.

Maybe your bad day didn't go exactly like that, but we've all had those days that just seem to refuse to go our way.

When you're down in the dumps and feel like the elements have teamed up to put the ultimate kibosh on your day, just be happy you're not this guy from Mississippi. This poor guy lost his home, his car and his lunch all in the same day thanks to a pesky tornado.

He can take most of this devastation in stride, but messing with a man's burger and fries is crossing the line… And worst of all, he doesn't even know where the twister tossed his grub. Bless his heart.

Well, keep your chin up buddy. Tomorrow's a new day and McDonald's is open seven days a week. So with a little perseverance and some spare change in your pocket you can fully restore that which you once held so dearly.



Wendybell said...

Now ... takin' a burger right out da man's hands??/ NOT cool!! Gotta be happy you just survive sometimes, eh?? :)

Charlie said...

Yup I get pretty upset when I expect to eat a burger and then it is taken. My dog is almost as fast as a tornado and has stolen many a sandwhich. Thanks for sharing the video it wa funny.