Thursday, December 2, 2010

We need a little Christmas

Right this very minute!  Smiley from help the process of getting into the Christmas spirit I thought I would start listening to some of my favorite Christmas music.  Still not really in the mood for it but I am going to share some of my favorites.

Favorite Albums to sit in the ambience of the tree lights (no other lights on)  John Schmidt Chrismas and James Galway Christmas Carol.  (I couldn't go to sleep last night - listened to the John Schmidt album 4 times before I just gave up)

Pop Albums/Sing Along - David Archuletta, Amy Grant, Celine Dion, Linda Eder, Voice Male

Classical - The Messiah, and anything Rutter/Cambridge Choir

Tab Choir - Spirit of the Season album is my favorite.  I got to go to the concert and Sissel was just amazing. 

Jazz/Chillin - GRP Christmas - we have two of the albums and can't seem to get a hold of the third - anywhere for a descent price.

Christmas song I want but don't have a recording yet..."Mary Did You Know" There are lots of recordings out there - haven't picked my favorite - but do like Clay Aiken, Kathy Mattea, and Donny Osmond versions.

Please share some of your very favorites.

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Wendybell said...

We are sooo gonna have to do a music swap!! I have Donny's version of "Mary Did You Know?" plus a LOT of other stuff!! Let's play!!