Wednesday, December 1, 2010

And We Now Resume our Regularly Scheduled Program...

A few days off of work, a lot of cooking, some company, and a good time was had by all.  And now we resume our regular programming. . . .

Okay, there was a lot more to it than that!  It just seems like so much has happened in the last week. . .where do I begin????

My mother, sister in law and I attended Deseret Book's Time Out For Women.  It was so fun to be with my favorite ladies and be rejuvenated and filled with the many great messages that were shared over the conference.  Lunch on Saturday was at Olive Garden.  My sweet friend took us out - I keep reminding myself just how lucky I am to have such great friends.  The conference ended so quickly.  I have reserved a copy of the DVD just so that I can review the many great things that were spoken of. 

We spent a day in Huntington with my family.  Although it was a short visit - we got to see all the family and renew our friendships.  We got to have dinner with the Mayor and her family (my aunt)  She spoiled us rotton.  She always does.  The drive back was in the snow and we ran out of washer fluid for the windshield.  Made for a fun drive - NOT!  We got home safe and sound thanks to Ralph's superb snow driving skills.  We also picked up a pointsettia from the greenhouses run by my cousin.  She does such a great job with  them and they are so pretty.

My two brothers arrived on Monday - a day ahead of the icky storm that closed the freeways down.  We took some time to see Harry Potter, get some family pictures taken, eat lots of yummy food, get Christmas cards started, a craft project finished, football games watched, and visit together.  It went so fast and I was so grateful to my family of consenting to spend the holidays at our house.  I had fun hosting and hoped everyone had a good time. 

Speaking of hosting...I love a finely dressed table for special occasions.  I made the cutest table favors.  I had hoped my brother got a closeup shot of them, but this is the best I could find.  The bags were made from a sizzix die.  I used the Thanksgiving wheel for the background.  I created a turkey using the scalloped punch, and other various punches to finish him.  I filled them with yummy goodies to be munched on after the meal as we went about our activities.  As you can see, we were spoiled by all the yummy food. 

I am now hitting the Bah Humbug stage of the holidays.  I haven't been too motivated to pull out the Christmas decorations.  I did get all the Thanksgiving and Fall decorations taken down tonight.  This weekend hopefully some of the Christmas spirit will enter my heart.  I want to be excited, but there are just parts of Christmas that are hard to get excited about without having children/our won family to share it with. 


marlene said...

I am so glad you got the DVD ordered you truly are the best thanks so much for all you did for me/us

Wendybell said...

I have a couple of extra kids if ya want 'em!!

Sooo wanna come with you for Time Out for Women next year! Sounds wonderful!!!