Sunday, December 12, 2010

Look what I have been doing

Happy Sunday Everyone!!!

Horrible picture - I know!  I just had to show you that I actually had it out and was using it.  No - I am not playing for anyone, just personal enjoyment and listening to Ralph play the piano.  What I really need to do is get my flute playing friend to come over tomorrow night and play a few duets with me.  Are ya game???

The work Christmas party went great - I think everyone went home full and satisfied.  Ralph was the hero in all of this.  I had no energy and was blowin boogers so he stepped in and saved the day.  I sure love that guy!!!!!Smiley from

We have family coming over to help us eat leftovers and I have a baptism to attend this evening.  Another full day of activities.  I love a full calendar and keeping busy...but there are times when I need some Cheryl time - maybe next week??

Ta Ta for now


Wendybell said...

You wouldn't be talkin' to ME would ya??? We should TOTALLY get together!! (I haven't played for quite some time, though ... so I am a bit rusty!)

marlene said...

Glad your party went well,I wish I was the family coming over for left overs!