Friday, December 10, 2010

Do you Believe

As I sit home on a rainy day eatting my canned chicken gumbo soup, trying to get some rest and deal with a nasty head cold (stress and no sleep do it to me every time) - I learned that today is National Believe Day - tied in with Macy's and Make a wish foundation.  Macy's is collecting letters to Santa and for every letter they are donating a $1 to the Make a Wish Foundation.  I love the concept of Believeing in Christmas and all that is involved with the holiday.  Whether it is a letter to Santa, or the conservative gift buying, the music, the decorations, the gathering of friends and family, the compelling need to reach out and help those that have less.  The darkest time of the year when we put up all the lights and celebrate the very Being who brings His light to us.

Here is a card we made in my stamping group last month. I got the idea from a fellow stamper who was making these cards for her local Ronald McDonald House.  Isn't he cute.  We had a lot of fun with this one.

We did this one - which was my favorite of the three that we did.  Once again - not my original idea, but really easy and this is what it looks like when you open it.  You could adapt this to any holiday or celebration theme.  You could attach a picture or a gift card or a little note.  In fact my BFF took this concept and made her Christmas card that she is sending out to 80 plus people. 
Last, but not least here is a picture of the Turkey bags we had as favors on the table.  I filled them with a mixture of corn nuts, pretzels, chocolate dried fruits etc.  I think they were well received. 
Ralph has started working on my work dinner project and has instructed me to take it easy today and he will take care some of the prep today.  He is so good to me and so patient and willing to help me out when I pile on the projects.  We will be doing empanadas, tamales, enchiladas, and fixings for tacos/tostadas.  Hopefully my fellow workers will feel like it was worth their money.  I am going to try and make the favors today for the dinner as well as get the paper cut for my Christmas cards that should have already been sent out.  Well...we do what we can. 

Ta Ta for now

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Wendybell said...

I just watched that movie a couple of days ago (and I {{heart}} Josh Groban!)!!

All of your projects as adorable, as usual!!

Sorry about the head cold ... AND the canned soup!!