Saturday, November 13, 2010

I am tired and bummed out

I am not sure what happened to my Utes again- Wynn has lost all self confidence and we can't seem to move the ball.  I am not sure I agree with some of the choices the coaches are making, but I won't give up!  Go Utes!  10-2 won't be so bad...
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I don't think I can do another week of overtime - I am so tired.  You show up to work by 8 and leave the office by 10.  It is so hard to turn down the extra hours when it is offerred, it is good money and helps contribute to the "will we survive the holidays" fund.  We will see how things go this week.  I have to prep for family visitors arriving on Thursday, Time Out for Women on Friday and Saturday, we need to juice the grapes sometime in between and make the house company ready.  Gotta pull out my Wonder Woman suit - that should help give me the boost I need. (maybe just some good sleep and regular hours)

Thanks to Ralph and his super sleuthing skills he found my box of missing decorations and I was able to get the Halloween decorations down and my Thanksgiving stuff up.  I love Fall.  The vibrant warm colors, the cooler weather, all the holidays that start happening.  Just makes me happy.  I know that is two weeks it will all come down and be replace with Christmas stuff, but remembering what Thanksgiving is all about - even for only a few weeks makes it worth it.

I gotta go finish sharing time for tomorrow - We are playing spin the bottle - topic Service.  Should be fun.  I also need to hit the hay - can't stop yawning
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Wendybell said...

Where'd you get that picture of me??!!? I make that pseudo swimsuit look GOOD!

Hope your week is better and that you get the rest you need...I gotta start thinking about Christmas cards ... aaaack!!! And our grapes are gonna need some attention this week as well ... at least Harry Potter is on his way!! :)