Sunday, June 16, 2013

Long Time No See

It has been a while since I have blogged.  Don't get me wrong, I have had lots to post and tell you about, but when I did have a minute the last thing I wanted to do was sit in front of the computer and type. 

Oliver is growing...we went to the Vet for a booster shot and he weighed in at 30.4.  He is just six months and is as cute and naughty as possible.  The potty training is doing pretty good.  We still have a few accidents if we don't keep up with our schedule of getting them outside by a certain time.


He loves to sit on his haunches, will eat anything, loves to pick up anything and everything off the sidewalk and carry it around in his mouth.  Sometimes chewing and swallowing it.  He loves to chew on everything including my fingers and furniture.  He loves to sit at Ralph's feet and when he is in our home office, he loves for Ralph to hold him so he can see out the window.  He wants to meet everyone and has yet to figure out that he has to sit before he jumps on them.

The card making still continues.  It is an avenue that I can still keep up my creative juices and keep the stress at bay. 

Here is a project I made in a quick minute to give to Billie my SIL.  She recently decided to join the LDS Church.  We are so excited for Norman as well.  We know she will be strong and get keep both of them active as their testimony's grow. 
Here is the card and the gift bag.  I saw a similar one on pinterest that was done with a special die.  After I had seen the tutorial, I knew I could figure it out with Stampin' UP's word window punch and a border punch.  This way you can use a plain bag, add the card and have a beautifully decorated  bag.

Work is good, it seems like we have had a lot of changes and turnover in the last year.  It has been hard, but good.  Our new system seems to be working well and having good responsible employees really helps.

We are trying to keep up with our share of the garden.  I am anxiously awaiting a fresh tomato from the garden.  Yesterday I walked down the row of peas and picked and ate to my hearts content.  We also had fresh strawberries.  They are so sweet and they taste like a strawberry.  That may sound funny, but when you compare them to the fruit purchased in the store there is a defined flavor difference.

There is a busy week ahead so I am off to get some sleep before it all hits.
Ta Ta for now



Charlie said...

Your dog is so cute! You cards alway perfect.

Wendybell said...

What a cutie he is!! Nice gift bag/card combo, too! Glad to see you bag on the blogosphere!!