Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Newest Member of the Family

We took a little unplanned trip to Idaho over Presidents Day to pick up a recent purchase/adoption.  He stole our hearts from the very beginning.

Introducing Oliver...(little spit)

He is a French/English Bulldog and he is pure puppy.  Floppy ears and blue eyes.  We teased that he had eyeliner on as both eyes are lined black.  Maybe we should have named him King Tut

Plays hard - crashes - plays hard - crashes - plays hard and then crashes.  We haven't gotten too many pics as he was always hopping, rolling, running, chewing or piddling on the floor.  There is nothing safe at his level.  We put a child safety gate at the kitchen door to keep him in...well he can climb over it.  He is so loving and cuddly, and mischievous.

Riley and Oliver get along great as long as Oliver doesn't try to eat.  Riley thinks all the food is his.  Something we are working on.  Oliver already loves to go for walks, but holds "it" until he gets back into the house.  He already knows that he shouldn't because he waits for you to turn your back.

He likes to sleep on his back.  This is a picture of him on the ride home.  We had pillows set up between the two front seats and he chose that spot.  Cutest little puppy belly.  I call him my little roly poly puppy.

We stayed over with Mom for a couple of days.  She was so good to us and took care of us.  I got a good nap in on Monday and I also got to have some of her sourdough scones (fry bread) for breakfast. A rare treat.



Wendybell said...

Ooooooo!!! He's aDORable!! Glad Riley (mostly) likes him!!! I wanna come rub his belly!!

marlene said...

he is so cute I think it is so funny that he climbs over the gate

Charlie said...

Puppies are SO cute! Congrats!