Friday, June 21, 2013

A New View and A Donut

Once again I find myself playing musical chairs at work.  Although I can't because of security issues
take a picture of my cubicle, I am putting a picture up of the window I get to look through.  They (the powers that be) decided that if they made the cubicle walls into half walls there would be more light...and there is.   I am not entirely convinced I like the open work area, I love the window.

In my new Stampin UP catalog, there is a picture of a stack of donuts that looks amazing.  A friend called Stampin UP and found out the donuts were from a place called Beyond Glaze.  The bad thing is that they are located quite a ways from us.  The good thing is they are located quite a ways from us and I won't be ingesting so many calories.  No...actually there are opening up a store 4 blocks from where I live.  Ralph made a road trip out to that area for a business meeting that happened to be close to the shop, so I asked him nicely to pick some up for us to try. 
Signature Dozen
We didn't have all of these, but we tried several.  My favorites of the ones we tried are the maple bacon, and the salted caramel chocolate.  The donuts were ho-hum.  I like the texture of my donuts to be very light, like Banbury Cross donuts.  These were much heavier - almost like a sweet roll.  The toppings make up for the heavy texture.  They were good and I will probably find myself at the store again, but not as a regular.

Oliver found himself at the Vet on Wednesday to get his man card taken away from him.  Riley felt a little out of sorts while his little buddy was away.  Oliver is recovering well, but has his spells of  "I better slow down...I don't feel so good".   Riley is glad his little buddy is home.

Tomorrow we get to pick peas, clean house, work on a couple of "projects" and spend part of the afternoon/evening at a youth conference.  I may opt out and spend the evening catching on prep for convention.
I have a slow start, but things are on the move.

Ta Ta for now


marlene said...

I love your window !i am a fan of natural sunlight. I Can see how the open work area would be hard its like someone is peeping in your window and your half naked!! maple and bacon no big surprises I am with you light and air are the best donuts but with toppings like those a girl just have to try!!a the fun of Convention cant wait to hear or read all about it!!

Wendybell said...

Glad you got your window! And glad I could help enable you and Ralph on the donuts!! :)