Saturday, January 28, 2012

Todays Adventures

Today hasn't been so bad...let me give you a run down
  • Woke up remembering my strange warped dreams...must be stressed about about having to give a talk in church.  I did sleep in until 8:30.
  • Got breakfast in the oven and took Riley for his morning walk.  I found all these great puddles that had frozen over and had no water underneath the ice.  I found myself hopping from one to the other to crush the ice and make that great crunch sound.
  • Had baked mixed berry french toast and bacon for breakfast.  Not a bad way to start the day.
  • Finished making cards for a couple of birthdays and some thank you's.  Pictures of the projects will be showcased in an upcoming post.  Don't want to spoil the surprise before the birthday boys get their cards.
  • Grocery Shopping with Ralph.  Neither of us really like to go, so we endure the lines and road blocks at costco for samples as we trudge around the store for our needs.  We stocked up on healthy more of this baked french toast least for the next week. Smiley from 
  • Got new shoes and socks - so that I can walk up the canyon without my feet getting wet from the holes worn into the bottom of my old tennis shoes.  The ones I chose are the same model as pictured below, but they are graphite and teal.  The orange of this one is too bright for my taste.  Now I have no excuses but to get my hind end up the canyon to burn off french toast and burgers.
  • Picked up supplies to make this -

  • Stopped at Crown burger for the bacon cheese burger .  YUMMO!  I love bacon!  We got to use these new coke machine dispensers they are now using in this particular store.  I may be behind the times, but I have never seen them before.  Talk about way cool.  Ralph tried a Raspberry diet know what?...It was mighty tasty.  Very sleek looking and fun to use.  All digital touch screen. 
  • Came home to an excited Riley who needed another outside break.  My sweety unloaded and put the groceries away while I took Riley. I am so lucky my sweety does stuff like that.
  • Decided to apply myself a little more diligently to writing my talk  - at least so I don't have anymore bad dreams about walking into sacrament meeting empty handed.  I consulted with the resident expert about several scripture references and what he thought about my ideas.
  • Stopped for an ice cream break...Chocolate with caramel swirl and chocolate covered cashews partnered with a scoop of mint ice cream sprayed with flecks of semisweet chocolate throughout.  It was tasty.  Riley didn't even get a lick.
    Smiley from
  • Back upstairs to finish the talk - I wish I didn't care so much how it comes across to those that I am inflicting with my would be so much easier to prepare.  The topic is Choose the Right which is the primary's theme for the year.  The topic is so broad and can be so boring.  Hopefully I will keep the congregation captivated.  I think I have too much prepared, but that is just in case my counselors don't take enough time.
  • Update the blog with the fun day I had.  Find my dog and my way to bed to that I can get some rest.  Hope your day was just as fun.


Charlie said...

Puddle crunching and berry french toast sound like a fantastic start to the day. I bet you talk was great and I'm excited to see pictures of the cards you made.

Wendybell said...

But getting a "diet" coke and then adding the yummy flavoring to it just kinda defeats the whole "diet" thing ... pretty cool machines, though, right?? And that wreath looks an awful lot like the one I made!!