Saturday, January 14, 2012

December by 10

10 - Things I did in Garden Valley
  • Read The Hobbit
  • Knitted a scarf
  • Went to the library - don't you love going to the library and bringing a pile of books home to read.
  • Saw a fox in my Moms yard
  • Snuggled under warm blankets and watched movies with my Mom
  • Tasted lindt dark chocolate with almond slivers and black currents, wasabi roasted almonds, and marion berry licorice for the first time.  They have all been put on the favorite treats list.
  • Watched the Utes win the Sun Bowl against GA Tech in OT
  • Got a call in the early moning hours to hear that Mom Curtis had passed away
  • Played with Riley and Lady Sadie
  • Shot Clay Pigeons at the gun range
9 - Things that made December feel like Christmas
  • Our Christmas Tree & home decor
  • Temple Square lights
  • Hearing Ralph play O Little Town of Bethlehem on the Piano
  • Christmas Parties
  • Gift exchanges
  • Stollen and Fruit Cake
  • Christmas movies and music
  • The Nativity set up across the street from our home
  • Being able to visit my Mom and brother over the holidays
8 - Things that I will remember
  • The little nieces and nephews performing the nativity at the Family Christmas Party
  • Having someone tell me that my Home felt "Homey" and had a nice spirit about it.
  • Having friends stay longer than anticipated because they were enjoying themselves
  • The generosity of so many friends
  • Being able to help a friend in need
  • The love and comfort of family
  • The need to think before you speak (don't ask)
  • Time spent with Marjorie (Ralph's Mom)
7 - Traditions Kept
  • Watching the Christmas Story (Ralphy)
  • Making German Stollen
  • Making Mom's Fruit Cake
  • Spending Christmas Eve with Mom (it is either Ralph's or mine)
  • Reading the Christmas Story from Luke
  • Delivering homemade Christmas gifts to friends
  • Watching the Lord of the Rings trilogy
6 - Main Activities
  • Work Party
  • Hosting our dinner group
  • Family Christmas Party
  • Driving to Garden Valley - Leaving at 8:00 at night - arriving around 2:00 am
  • Ward Party
  • Spending a week in Idaho

5 - Movies I watched that I hadn't seen before
  • Midnight in Paris
  • Pirates of the Carribean 4
  • Kung Fu Panda 2
  • Cars 2
  • Jane Eyre
4 - Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda
  • Christmas cards finished and mailed
  • Ralph's Christmas Scarf (currently just need to sew in the ends and block it)
  • Taken pictures ( I would like to say taken more...but I didn't take any)
  • Exercise - all I got was walking riley which doesn't really count - What a slug!
3 - December projects
  • Homemade Christmas cards and tags (some of the cards and tags did make into grateful hands)
  • 10 Wood signs that say "Prayer Changes Things"
  • Christmas Peppermint stands
2 - Parties Hosted
  • My work party was hosted out our house.  We served prime rib and then everyone bought sides for the meal.  It was very tasty.  I also played a duet with a fellow co-worker as well as a solo number.  She played her violin and I played the flute.
  • We hosted our dinner group - with the challenge of having someone over that couldn't eat wheat.  We pulled it off amazingly well.  Afterwards we had everyone share a favorite childrens Christmas story.  Great end to the evening and a nice contribution to the holiday.
1 - One thing I want to remember
  • Family and Friends are the most important - don't forget to tell them and show them how you feel!


marlene said...

from all you did in Dec there no wonder you were run with your head cut off!

Wendybell said...

I should make a list like this ... makes you proud of what you accomplished and reminds you what is important!! :)