Tuesday, August 23, 2011


I can't believe it has been three + weeks since I last updated the blog. 

Two funerals, one wedding, and a house guest (one of my favorites) for a little over a week, a birthday and a few of lifes frustrations and I am exhausted. 

The garden is ripening very slowly.  We (meaning Ralph) just finished our first batch of cold pack tomatoes.  I hope it continues to stay warm enough to have enough produce ripen, so that we can put away more food storage for the winter months.

My Mom came for a visit and we had a great time together.
The first day we went to the farmers market in Pioneer Park.  The only other time Ralph and I went was when it was just starting.  My how things have changed.  The produce looked great and was reasonable priced.  In fact if our garden doesn't start producing we might have to resort to the market for some produce.  The market also had booths with...
*locally made cheeses of all kinds,
*locally grown beef, turkeys, pork, wild boar sausages, jerky
*several different local bakeries selling fresh pastries and breads,
*locally made, salsas, jams, harvested honey
*fresh flowers
*musicians (at least they thought they were)
*several booths with crafts, jewelry, art etc.

And we got to sample most of it.  We did come home with some of our favorites.  Some goat cheeses, a fresh salsa I couldn't get enough of , flavored olive oils, and some fresh bread and a pastry.  A very fun day!


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Wendybell said...

I love the Farmer's Market!! SUCH a fun place!! :)