Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Sundays adventure

I was looking forward to Sunday.  A nice quiet afternoon.  My aunt and uncle were coming up from Huntington to spend the day and visit with my Mom.  We had a great dinner planned and a relaxing afternoon.

Ralph and I attended ward council and came home to a flustered Mom.  Uncle Brent had been in the ER most of the night with severe carpel tunnel pain, fingers and hand swollen.  Both of them were just exhausted and wouldn't be making the trip up to SLC.  Aunt Hilary really wanted to see Mom and felt really bad that it wasn't going to happen.  So, Ralph and I told her to call back and tell her sister we were coming down and bringing dinner.

We changed, made phone calls to make sure Sunday assignments were covered, packed a doggie bag and a cooler full of the dinner ingredients we were planning on fixing and got on our way.

The drive was beautiful, not too much traffic and a nice air conditioned car to ride in.  We had a great visit and Hilary spoiled us rotten.  Tammy's husband, Terry, brought over an old Amish cart and horse.  Mom got on to take a ride.  She asked where the seat belt was.  LOL

Picture was taken with a cell phone - not the best angle but you get the idea
I didn't get my camera out, but the back yard became a dog playground.  Riley found a best friend in a boxer named Deuce.  They played the afternoon away, the other dogs actually got Riley to jump in the little pond in the back yard.  I think it even shocked Riley when he figured out what he did.  When Deuce went home, Riley layed by the front door for him to come back and play.   Sadie was even a good sport and let everyone hold her. 

Here is a picture of the two yayhoo's (Dad used that word all the time) on the way there, once again taken with a cell phone in a moving car...not too clear but cute none the less.

We got home at midnight which made getting up for work not so much fun.  I said my goodbyes to Mom Monday morning.  I wish she lived closer.


Wendybell said...

Hectic but great day!! These are the kinds of days that make you smile and remember ... such a great memory!! :)

marlene said...

glad you guys were able to go down and see Hillery