Saturday, July 23, 2011

Village of Cuteness

Oh good grief! I did it again. It was NOT my intention to leave you hanging the last week or so.  However a few things got in my way.  Namely the Stampin Up convention and then trying to catch up with my sleep and everything else that got neglected during my time away. 

With that week over - I was exhausted.  I just needed sleep.  I should take notes and learn from my little bulldog.  Riley knows how to rest in style.  This is a picture we took of him after he had been playing with his buddies at the family compound. 

Ralph made me promise not to pick up another papercrafting item for a few days so that we could have some time together.  I did my best.  For some reason, life doesn't ever slow down for you to catch up. 

Ralph went to irrigate the garden on Wednesday night.  I should have been cleaning this....

instead, I opted to clear a space on the table and work on a project that I didn't get done at convention.  Wanna see?

Cute Huh?  The houses are made out of 2x4.  Painted, distressed and then decorated using Stampin UP Product.  They have found a place on my fireplace mantle.

This is the WOW card I swapped this year.  I got the idea from here. Magnetic closure card by Michelle Force
It is a cute card and I don't think I will be doing that again, at least not in the 110 quanitity that I made to swap.  Every year I think I have a simpler card and when it gets down to it...I don't. 

The images have been colored, the snowflakes cut out with a sizzix die that turned out to be much more of a project than originally planned.  The humidty from the swamp cooler kept making the paper stick to the die and the snowflakes had to be removed very carefully so as not to tear them.  The snow has been glittered, the boots and buttons have crystal effects (stuff to make them shiny) and then there is a washer and magnet for the closure.  It is a stinkin' cute card though and everyone that saw it wanted to swap with me. :)  Front:

Inside:  Left blank for a written note.  The magnet is placed just at the tip of the flap and the washer is on the inside of the card just behind the front and covered with a punched out circle to hide it. 

During the week of convention, Ralph's family had a bridal shower for my neice.  I volunteered to make the favors.  What was I thinking????  I made 30 of these little cone shaped boxes.  Ralph came to my rescue and made the little chocolate covered cake bites to go inside.  I think they were a hit.  I thought the cake bites tasted yummo! 
I didn't get a picture of the little gift I gave to my fellow demos, but I will try to recreate my awesomeness  the projects so that you can see them.

I am off to attempt cleaning my space...hopefully there won't be too many distractions.



Wendybell said...

Just hafta say ... YOU ROCK!! And those cake bites were to DIE for!! LOVED 'em!! Wanna come over and help me finish my Village?? (and I still need to swap with you!!) You are workin' that cone die ... maybe I need to get one ... maybe ... :S

Wendybell said...

BTW, cute blog!! ;)

Charlie said...

I love seeing all the things you make you do such a great job.