Thursday, May 20, 2010

Second Thoughts!
I initially was going to use this post as a forum to thrash on STUPID people who create drama in whatever circle of people they are around. All because they can't get a story straight and heaven forbid they would approach the source of the original information before bad mouthing them. But I am not going to get myself worked up anymore. STUPID people can stay STUPID. I will just leave them wondering why nobody ever wants to be around them. Enough Said!

Last weekend we had the priviledge of riding in Ralph's brother's green Yukon with all six of them. Boy did we have fun!
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We left in the a.m. Not as early as originally planned, but come on folks -you can't expect to be out at Stansbury park star gazing well into the a.m. and then expect to get an early start on the road. We were only an hour off of our start time. Not so bad. Monkey #4 asked where we were going. After we explained we were driving into the mountains - monkey #4 said we could see them from the car and we didn't need to go for a drive. Monkey #2 was the first to ask how many more miles and how long till we get there. Monkey #1 was an instigator of a lot of the problems and Monkey #3 probably got away with more than deserved. It wasn't until we made a stop for treats and Mom got in the back seat that we had a little peace and quiet from the Monkey's.Smiley from

We drove through 9-mile canyon and did a little sight seeing of all the amazing petroglyphs left by the Fremont Indians. We stopped for a picnic lunch before we headed up a very short trail to see one of the more famous petroglyphs. I wish we had more time to see all that we had wanted to but because of a mis-calculation of how much time it would take us to get through the canyon we had to cut it short so that we could get to my Aunt's amazing greenhouse to pick up plants for the garden.

We arrived at the greenhouse and picked up tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, flowers, and who know what else. But we are ready to go. Now we just have to get the weather to cooperate with us. Anyway...we got to feed the horses and climb the haystacks and sit on all the tractors at my Aunt and Uncles farm before moving on to the house. My Aunt fixed us strawberry rhubarb crisp with ice cream and home made cookies if you didn't want the crisp. I think all the monkeys had some of both. The monkeys also got a chance to check out the chicken coop to see if there were any extra eggs laying around.

We headed back up highway 6, but not before stopping to get a hamburger and fries. It turns out that the burger joint in the Sinclair gas station in pretty good. I would stop there again. Everyone was full and the trip back was very quiet and restful. Most everyone was asleep.

I love spending my weekends playing. Especially when it can be spent with people we love. I think we all had a great day.

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Nate & Sarah said...

what a fun weekend! the picture of the four kids is so cute!

marlene said...

I wish I was there ! I hope I am not one of the stupid people! glad you took your camera love the pictures!