Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A healthy recipe to share

One of my favorite dinners to make and eat are "lettuce" wraps.  You get bold flavors from your filling with  cool crispy lettuce for a delicious "hands on" meal 

We always seem to have most of the ingredients, but not always a tortilla or wrap in the fridge. One thing we always have in the fridge is lettuce.  Most of the time we make tacos and wrap the ingredients in a romaine lettuce leaf.  We have done fajita style wrap,  They turn out very tasty and I don't have to chop the lettuce.  I  also love Korean bulgogi with rice wrapped in a "soft" lettuce leaf.  Recently I bought a few of the ingredients to make asian style lettuce wraps.  They turned out quite good and not a lot of calories.  I wanted to share my new found pleasure with you. ( not my picture - but really close to what mine look like)

This recipe is adapted from several that I read, and to be honest I can't give you exact amounts, but I will try

1 lb ground turkey - any protien will work - chicken breast, beef, pork, fish, shrimp and if you really wanted you could do tofu (yucky)Smiley from
4 cloves minced garlic
1 tsp minced ginger or ground ginger to taste
Cook turkey for a couple minutes in hot pan  - season with your favorite flavors - I usually add a little bit of lemon pepper
1 bag coleslaw mix. - I have used broccoli slaw or thinly sliced cabbage as well
1 red pepper julienned - you can use any or all colors and heats - I let Ralph add the hot ones to his own
3 scallions diagonally cut
Continue cooking until veggies are to your liking
1/2 C hoisin
1 T fish sauce
Turn to coat all ingredients
chiffonade basil - about 1/3 cup
just enough to wilt
have your favorite Lettuce leafs ready...
Fill your lettuce leaf with mixture - top with:
diced cucumber
gochujang (korean condiment - spicy) mixed with soy sauce - what an amazing flavor!

Happy Eating
Ta Ta for now
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marlene said...

these sound so good!I think I will have Gary make me some!