Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mind the Gap

A common phrase in England to be careful of the space between the train and the station platform.  But in my case I am using it to excuse my lack of updates. 

I have been busy with company and trying to make my transition to Primary as seamless as possible.  I have some awesome counselors and an amazing secretary.  I just hope the bishop lets me keep them for a while.

Mom and Marlene came for a visit last weekend.  Marlene volunteered to start cataloging and organizing my rubber stamp collection. She was a trooper and I hope she didn't wear herself out.  We had a family wedding and reception on Saturday, Moms sister spent part of the day with us on Sunday.  Monday we got a little bit of shopping in. Tuesday they went home whilist I stayed home and recovered from allergy/sinus issues.  Here is a picture of us before we head off the wedding reception.  It pretty much rained the whole weekend, except on Monday which was such a beautiful day.  I am glad we had the time together that we did.

Marlene and I worked on a gift card holder for our wedding gift.  I think it turned out quite well.
 The card opens as you untie the bow to a greeting and the gift card in a cute little holder.  We were in a hurry, so I didn't get a picture of the inside.  The hearts were not my original idea.  How they were decorated and placed was my creation. 

I got to see and visit with my cousin for a few minutes.  My very BFF from...well ever since I can remember.  We were going to do everything together. Get married, have kids, live close.  But, it didn't quite work out that way.  We kind of went our seperate ways when she got married after our first semester of college. She had beautiful babies and I went on to further my education and have some play time.  I spent many years single before I found someone to settle down with.  Life has "happened" to both of us in ways we would have never imagined.  I still love her and consider her my bestest friend ever.  She has an amazing family.  I would love to kidnap several of the kids and adopt them as my own.  She is an amazing Mother and friend.

Signing off for tonight.
Ta Ta for now!
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marlene said...

I wish I could of done better with the Stamps. you are the best host ever!