Sunday, July 21, 2013

The Vet and My Fur Kids

Taking an afternoon nap.
We have been to the Vet so many times in the last month, we have singularly funded the least it feels that way.  Our dogs have become a staff favorite, not just because we provide them work, but that their mushy faces and schmoozer personalities have won the staff over.  Even when Oliver has a temp of 103+ he still gives the Dr. a big old kiss.  When Ralph picks him up from the vet, he has to run around and say hello to everyone before he gives Ralph the time of day.  His favorite thing is to stand on the scale...He knows he gets a doggie treat if he does.  Riley just looks studly and does his best to look sweet and get lots of love and treats.  He succeeds.  But he loves his peeps the most.  He ran straight to Ralph when it was time to go. 

Here is a timeline of visits.
  1. Oliver gets neutered $$$ (end of June)
  2. Oliver gets the flu - between Imodium chicken and rice diet and pet store kaopectate we get the issue resolved - lots of carpet scrubbing and cleaning.  We were constantly washing towels.
  3. Riley gets the flu - won't eat, won't drink, ends up with a viciously upset tummy and blood in his poop.  Goes to the vet.  Gets an IV for dehydration and meds to take to get better.  Finally got him to each chicken and his meds.  Issue resolved $$$$ (we need to invest in chicken farming)  The dogs managed to single handedly clean out our stock of chicken from the freezer.  What you don't do for those furry little faces.
  4. We notice a small lump on Oliver's neck.  Bulldogs are prone to growths, so we put it under "watch".  The lump continues to grow.  By the end of the week it is huge, (tennis ball size) hot and I am convinced it is a tumor and we were going to lose our dog.  I cry all the way in to my SU convention and part way through the morning, Ralph takes him in and it was determined after a biopsy that it is a huge abscess.  Phew!  Still serious, but we get to keep our dog.  They had to put him under, drain the rancid nasty fluids from his neck and they inserted surgical tubing to keep the hole open and draining.  He goes back in on Thursday for the tube to be removed. $$$$
You can see the tubing at the top and sides of his neck.  Gives you an idea of just how big the abscess was.

The hard part is keeping a 7 month old puppy from scratching his neck (cone of shame won't work, it would sit right on the wound) and running around.  We use an old cut up t-shirt to catch the draining fluids and to prevent him from scratching.  It is even harder keeping Riley from wanting to lick it to keep it clean.  Lots of kennel time and separation. They have to do separate walks and potty runs.  Hard for all of us.

I will say that the University Pet Clinic has been soooooo good to us. They groom the dogs every time they go in for a stay as well as provide top care.  I would recommend this office in a heartbeat.

You never dream of getting so attached to these furry little creatures, but my gosh...They both have a piece of my heart.  It has been an emotionally draining month and I am glad they are both on the mend.

Ta Ta for now.

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marlene said...

Ok i love the picture of them with there backs together to cute! I am so glad Oliver is doing better I going to hope that August is a vet free month!!