Monday, January 28, 2013


Not really a title to give to this post, but I wanted to share a little episode that occured over this last weekend.  Ralph and I were at costco around 4:30 and the parking lot was still jam-packed.  Crazy.  I just figured nobody had anything to do that day, so they went shopping.  From Millan.NetAnyway, we finished the chore and had just unloaded the cart - all healthy.   I was on my phone talking to Mom.  I didn't see a cart dump off site close, so I pushed it up against the curb where we were parked and proceeded to turn around to get into the car when out of nowhere the car directly to the left of us honked his horn and opened the passenger window and proceeded to tell me that he had just taken two carts to the dump off spot and figured I should do the same.  I just kept talking to Mom and went on my merry way.  From Millan.NetI finished talking to Mom and let what happened seep into my brain.

Who does this guy think he is that he can yell at me for not taking my cart back.  Aren't there more important things to worry about?  They hire people to do that very thing.  Maybe I was really tired from prepping for a stamping activity the night before and then had two 2-1/2 hour sessions of classes.  Maybe my foot hurt.  I turned to Ralph and spit out my frustration and said, I wish I would have told him that not everyone could be as perfect as he was.  Then Ralph turns to me and tells me to remember that when he doesn't meet my expectations. (that very rarely happens)  GULP

Why are we as a society so quick to make judgements and expect everyone to be a star model citizen everywhere we go and in everything we do?  What do ya think?


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Wendybell said...

I think I would have initially felt like decking the guy ... and then I woulda got into my car and cried!! We ARE very quick to judge ... maybe the guy had had a very unfortunate encounter with a grocery cart at some point in his life ... who knows? Just another one of those "contemplative moments" I guess ... :)