Thursday, September 13, 2012

There and Back Again Day 4

This was to be an exciting day...we were going to Tillamook and Newport and Mom was taking us out to dinner at a place called Tidal Raves which is located in Depoe Bay.

Unfortunately, when we got to Tillamook cheese factory we forgot all about taking pictures and fed our faces with samples of cheese and a big old ice cream cone.  We walked away with several different kinds of cheeses, crackers, and sweets.

We decided to take a small detour to see Cape Meares which ended up eating our time up.  We did get a couple of shots, but you can tell it was very misty and cloudy along the shore.
We then drove on to Depoe Bay which is where we decided to eat dinner.
this is a shot from just outside the restaraunt
We watched the ocean the whole time we ate.  Perfect!
I and Ralph had a seafood pasta.  The fish was so fresh and tasty.  Paul, of course had fried oysters and Mom had fish and chips.  Dessert could not be passed up...we were so full when we finished.  We headed on to Newport.  It was getting later at this point and most of the shops had closed, but Paul and I walked the pier. 

We got so many great shots...I will just share a few...
docked for the night and all snuggled in

we came back to Cannon Beach exhausted and grateful for another fun day on the coast.Photobucket

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Si said...

Beautiful photos! I love it there too :)