Thursday, September 13, 2012

There And Back again - Day 3

This is where things get a little fuzzy...More activities than photo's so I will do my best to not make it boring.

It was a beautiful sunny day and I spent the morning of Wednesday doing homework.  PHT! 

Paul and Mom went to the beach...without their camera - sillies.  They looked at tide pools and walked for miles and miles up and down the beach. 

One thing I noticed this time in Cannon Beach was there were bunnies everywhere...

Riley was very curious, but they didn't trust him within 20 feet.  Sadie  - all she wanted to do was chase them.  Darn that leash!  Chasing Rabbits!

When they came back we had a healthy lunch of salad and chicken and then headed into town for a little site seeing.  We sampled some jelly sticks covered in chocolate and walked around seeing many galleries, candy/ice cream shops/expensive clothing/giftyshops and antiques.  I carried the camera and only got one shot, which isn't so great...but I have to have something to post.

On the way back - the sun was just gorgeous and Ralph suggested I get a shot from the window as he slowly rounded the curve in the road.

The beaches there are just awesome.  The sand was so soft and feels so great between the toes, especially when it is warm.

At this point Ralph and I dropped Mom and Paul off at the condo and drove into Seaside for some Papa Murphy's pizza. We made a Waldorf salad with apples and pears from the garden that we brought with us.  Easy and tasty!

That evening, I still hadn't been down to the beach, so Mom relented and came with me.  It was a bit cool, and again there was a big cloud bank, but who cares....we were at the beach

Another night spent in the hot tub and pool.  Then a hot shower and to bed.

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marlene said...

I cant you didn't catch those silly rabbits! love the pictures of the the beach makes a girl want play