Friday, February 26, 2010

A little bit of everything

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I have been thinking about sitting down and updating my blog, but there was too much to write.  I kept putting it off and it wasn't getting done.  I will just pick up with today and move on.  I am so ready for spring.  I have almost made it through February in one piece and yes my sanity is still in tact.  Whew - I didn't think I was going to make it.  
Smiley from millan.netRalph was my ultimate life saver.  He really helped make everything run smooth and he was great to lean on when I needed strength and to cuddle with when I needed some love.  Thanks sweety!

Our ward and the Curtis family really made the actual move easy.   We love our ward and will be so sad to have to move on to a new one.  Hopefully, we will be able to make new friends.  We are mostly unpacked.  The office and the hobby room is still mostly in boxes.  The basement is still a bit unorganzied, but I at least know where everything is and how to find it.  Tomorrow is clean house day and unpack some more boxes.  I am really missing my stamping. 

I was on the elevator today with the Presiding Bishopric. They were making their usual small talk. I noticed that they all had ties on that had geometric square patterns. So, as I was in my usual "don't filter what I say" mode, I asked them if they called each other this morning and coordinated tie patterns.  The response was hilarious - first they actually took a moment to look at each others ties, then commented about how they have a rack in their office and they don't choose a tie until they come in to work so that they can match- yeah right - but funny.

Two days ago I was on the elevator with Bishop Burton and other employees that work at the COB.  The elevator happened to stop on one of the floors and nobody got on or off - or so it seemed.  After the doors shut, Bishop Burton said - "there goes Harvey"  I thought it was hilarous.  What was even funnier is I got back to my desk and my co-worker had to ask who Harvey was.  I guess I dated myself by knowing, but it is a classic - Jimmy Stewart movie.  Funny and worth the watch.

We celebrated Ralph's B-day this week.  Not a big party - just a get together with us and his Mom.  We had home made french dip sandwiches, oven fries and vegetable plate.  He didn't want a cake, so I made lemon bars with white chocolate chips.  Very tasty.  The recipe for our sandwiches came from - The Pioneer Woman's French Dip Sandwiches  The recipe has officially been added to our permanent file. 

We made a pot of soup this week.  With all the rain and snow, it just felt right.  Ralph made a curried chicken and split pea soup.  It was good, but what made it better was the home made focaccia to eat with it.  I scanned the internet for a good recipe and found one Thyme and Parmesan Focaccia.  I made it slightly different, but it has been so good.  I love home made breads.
Smiley from I have been sucked up into the olympics I love watching all the events. Well... maybe not curling. I can handle a little bit of that event, but then I get bored. It is amazing what these althletes have invested.  So much time, money and effort into their chosen sport. And it all comes down to a hundredth of a second, a lane change, or one little slip and fall that can determine whether you move on, get a medal, or go home defeated.

Tonight - as much as I have enjoyed watching the sports.  I have had enough TV.  Instead of being glued to the TV again to watch the olympics and all the goings on - I decided to sit down at the piano for a while.  Smiley from millan.netIt has been a long time since I have done that - what a great relaxing activity.  I played through some Joplin - ok fumbled through some Joplin and pulled out some of my old stand bys that I enjoy playing.  It was good, and a motivation to spend some more time at the key board.

Well, I think I have a little dog that needs to go potty before bed time - somehow that has become my job.  Ok well, I don't mind.  Riley has been so good since we have moved.  I expected him to run around the house and mark everything, but he hasn't.  Yay for us.  Anyway
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marlene said...

Glad to see you back I wish I could write like you !I am glad you are getting settled into your house !