Sunday, February 28, 2010

Are you the conductor?

We had dinner with some friends last night - which by the way was fantabulous! oh my goodness it was yummy. We had shrimp cocktail, salad, soup, palette refresher of sorbet, flank steak, with rice, asparagus, and a stuffed tomato. Dessert was so chocolatey. a round of cake, then dark mouse, then light mouse and chocolate shavings and a sliced strawberry for garnish - WOW. I felt so pampered and in complete bliss.

During dinner, the conversation lead to some of the things people have been able to do during their lives. All kinds of travel and all types of experiences. One of the ladies there said that really - we don't get to orchestrate the big things in life. We can somewhat control the everyday stuff, but the big stuff not so much. I have been thinking about it and think she is right. We can set goals and work towards big things, but ultimately it is how we deal with what has been orchestrated that counts.

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marlene said...

That sounds so good I am a little jealous