Thursday, February 13, 2014

Valentines Count Down

So I decided with all my free time (LOL)  that I was going to come up with a little something-something for Ralph everyday of February up to Valentines Day.  I got pictures and thought I would share.  Pinterest gave me some great ideas and some were my own.

In no particular order
Extra gum and Hershey's kisses.  I love extra kisses, I mean really....who doesn't?

Bag full of pistachios

We all have bad days...Ralph is awesome being so patient with me.
Could have gone a different route with these, but kept it G rated :)

you should try these - they are deep fried and oh so tasty

"berry" Naked

Two bottles of hot sauce should do the trick

Martinelli's Sparkling Apple

The cup was filled with cinnamon hot lips

This box was filled with all kinds of hearts - juju, cinnamon, dark chocolate, strawberry cream, & Reeses,

Junior Mints - Love the Moose's...Meese?

Chewy Granola Bars - We are kind of a salty sweet mix. :)

The bottle of Mountain Dew was drank before I got the picture :)
this key chain should hold up to his pile of keys
The Last one - saved for Valentines Day won't be shown until after I give it to Ralph.
It has been kind of fun to place them in different locations around the house each day.  He has very carefully stashed each one by or around his computer where he works each day.    I got behind one day and mentioned that I needed to finish the gifties before I went to bed.  He responded , and said "its ok, you don't have to......but I do really like them".

Last Project - Kind of cheesy but very Valentiney

Ralph is good for my heart.

Ta Ta for now


Tanya said...

awwww!!! These are great! Glad you're having fun! :)

marlene said...

Of course you have to finish it you're the best Cheryl . Say it again in my next life I want to be like Cheryl!!!

Charlie said...

Those are way cute!