Thursday, September 8, 2011

Business as Usual

  • Behind schedule
  • Washing Machine Broken - needs a new part
  • Sinus Infection - feel like crap.  I have lost complete faith in the medical field.
  • Family Birthday Party  HB Mom!
  • Stamp Club on Saturday
  • Ute Football on Saturday VS USC.  A little anxious, but excited - breaking new ground!
  • House chores need to be done
  • Ralph got a bunch of canning done and peach orange jam made.  Wowzer! 
  • Plan to go to state fair - not sure when, but it starts today.
  • Need to pick a book up at the library for book group - Russian Winter
  • Just want to sit in a hot tub and watch a good chick flick.
  • Nothing that a bowl of rocky road tillamook ice cream can't fix - at least for the moment

1 comment:

Wendybell said...

I can sooooo relate!! I wanna go to the fair, too!! Wanna go together??