Friday, March 4, 2011

Lady Bugs

Why Ladybugs?
1.  They are red - my favorite color although they do come in other colors.
2.  There is a cute saying about ladybugs
3.  They make me happy - they are good luck and eat alll the bad bugs.
4.  They are covered in spots and I love polka dots.
5.  I was my Dad's ladybug

One of my favorite chick flicks is Under The Tuscan Sun. The main charachter is frustrated with her life as things don't seem to be going her way. She consults with one of her friends and the clips included in the video below sum up the advice she gives and how things work out.

The scale is up, the bank account is down, a nose that won't stop running, and work stinks.  I think I am ready for some ladybugs in my I guess what I need to do is buck up, stop wallowing and get moving.  I will say that having my Mom here for a visit was a great distraction and a fun time.

My bookgroup met last night at my home.  The book I chose was The agency: A spy in the house.  Of all the books I have ever chosen this was my least favorite.  I was expecting much more of a story.  Without going into great details - a street urchin turns spy after being helped by a girls boarding school/spy agency.  She has a great adventure... I just wish there were more details in how she actually was educated and trained.  I also wish there was more historical information given about the times. ie The Great Stink There were a lot of things that took place that didn't seem to coincide with the Victorian time setting.  Overall - it was a fun read.   The author has written a sequel, it would be interesting to see if she answers some of my questions and fills in some of the holes left in the first novel.

We capped the evening off with food  - as always.  I served Garys good baguette bread with a choice of toppings - hummus, bruschetta, mascarpone cheese, nutella, and raspberries.  It was very tasty and enjoyed by all.

 I love to host a get together.  I am thinking of a formal tea party/stamping activity.  I will keep you posted as to where that is headed.

Ta Ta for now.

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marlene said...

i will catch a ladybug for you! you food at book club makes me hungry